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 Privatization Indexes

The PB Index tracks the performance of shares of privatized companies that are listed for trading in domestic stock markets of the enlarged European Union. It is subject to periodic review by the PB Index Administrator, who ensures the overall consistency with the purposes of the Index.

 PB Indexes
The PB Indexes track the stock market performance of privatized companies. The constituents of the PB indexes are companies privatized by public offer of shares and actively traded in domestic equity markets. In addition to the Composite, two regional (one including EU15 and one the ten new accession countries) sub-indexes are constructed, together with five sector sub-indexes (Banking, Industrial, Oil&Gas, Utilities and Telecom).

The indexes are denominated in Euro and capitalization-weighted. Data are updated at the end of each quarter. Details of the construction of the composite and sub-indexes can be found in the Rulebook.

PB Index Composite Open chart
PB Index Old Europe Open chart
PB Index New Europe Open chart

PB Index Analysis 15/01/2007

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